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Podcast - Cocoa Pods Series: A feature of the BCFND Foundation Maternal Mortality Reduction Academy We discuss all issues relating to maternal mortal…

Wednesday, Mar 31st

High Risk issues in Pregnant Women that can lead to bad outcomes.What affects minority physicians in the lifespan of their career

Sunday, Mar 7th

What can a Doula and a Chiropractor do for me in my Pregnancy

Sunday, Feb 28th

Mental health reasons for dying in pregnancy And can I smoke Marijuana in pregnancy

Saturday, Feb 27th

Strategies of Prevention of Maternal Morbidity Can Begin in Teenage Years

Monday, Feb 22nd

I'm losing my mind in this Pregnancy

Thursday, Feb 18th

Needing Surgery In .....Pregnancy?!

Thursday, Feb 18th

Obstetric Providers’ mutual respect & Home Births

Thursday, Feb 4th

How a Midwife and an ObGyn can " dance" together in providing Maternity Care

Thursday, Feb 2nd